Subdivision & Lane Trustees

Lane Trustees
Please find below some helpful information.

  • Annual Meetings - The Mayor and City Staff coordinate an annual Lane Trustee Meeting to address projects, and initiatives, and to discuss current City news. An attorney is typically present to answer any legal questions trustees may have. 
  • Trash Pickup -  A list of companies licensed to do business in the City is available. Click here for a list of Licensed Trash Collectors.
  • Recycling - All Trash Collectors are now required by St. Louis County to provide single-stream, curbside recycling at least 1 day a week. Please check with your Trash Collector to check their preferred method and day of the week of your pick-up for your address. Click Here to learn what can and cannot be recycled.  Click Here to learn more about the St. Louis County recycling program and also other recycling options for those items which can not be included in your curbside pick-up, such as paint, electronics, appliances, or other waste items. 
  • If you would like copies or access to public records, please use the following form Request for Access to Public Records Form.
  • If you are interested in using the City of Ladue Council Chambers for a meeting, This form Public Use of Council Chambers - Application is required to be submitted to City Hall.
  • The City of Ladue has regulations regarding door-to-door solicitation, including the option of being placed on a "NO SOLICITATION" list. Click here for the "No Solicitor" request form.
  • New residents must apply for an alarm permit when a new or existing alarm system is activated. The cost for a permit is $75.00 per year.
  • Building  Department - Commonly Asked Questions regarding project and permit requirements.
  • Call the Building Department at 314-997-6308 before beginning any construction project or landscaping work involving the changing of grades. A building permit, plumbing permit, or HVAC permit may be required.
  • On May 15, 2017 the City Council enacted legislation amending Ordinance 1987 to enact a new section relating to Trustee Notification for plans submitted to the Building Official. 
  • R105.9.1 Subdivision Trustee Review Notification. Any plans submitted to the Building Official for permit approval or for plans that are required to receive Architectural Review Board approval shall bear the original signature, printed name, and date of signature from a minimum of two (2) trustees of the respective subdivision certifying either compliance with the subdivision's restrictions or indentures or disapproval of such plans for failing to comply with the subdivision's restrictions or indentures. Provided, however, that if the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Building Official that the subdivision does not have a sufficient number of trustees to secure the signatures of two (2) trustees at the time an application is made, then the plans submitted shall bear the original signature, printed name, and date of signature of one (1) trustee, if possible, and if not possible, the requirement of this Section shall be deemed satisfied. Provided, further, that if the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Building Official that the plans submitted were submitted to the subdivision trustees and such trustees failed and/or refused to act upon such submission either by accepting such plans or rejecting them within thirty (30) business days of submission, the requirement of this Section shall be deemed satisfied. Plans shall not be accepted by the Building Official and/or submitted to the Architectural Review Board until the applicant satisfies the requirements of this Section. The trustees' rejection of such plans evidenced by their signatures shall not constitute a failure or refusal to act on such plans as set forth herein. The City does not assume the enforcement of any restrictions placed upon such plans by subdivision trustees and shall review and act on submitted plans in accordance with the City’s regulations and requirements regardless of any disapproval or approval notification from the trustees. 
  • On May 16, 2016, City Council passed an ordinance allowing Deer Hunting by Archery and Crossbow.  Click here to view the Deer Control Policy and Hunting Regulations ordinance. To access the Deer Hunter application packet, click here.
  • The City provides brush and leaf pickup service on a seasonal basis. 
  • For information on indentures, please contact St. Louis County at 314-615-5000