City Parks and Trails

The City of Ladue has two City owned and maintained Park properties:
  • Rodes Park located at the intersection of Ladue Road and Warson Road
  • Deer Creek Preserve located at 9810 S. 40 Drive

Yellow warbler
To view other photos of wildlife from Deer Creek Preserve, click on image above.
Deer Creek Preserve

Deer Creek Preserve features a shared-use path, benches, and landscape areas.  The project was funded in large part ($370,000) through the Municipal Park Grant program administered by the Municipal League.  Phase 1 construction has been completed at Deer Creek Preserve and the trail is now open to the public!
Click image below for construction photos taken Fall 2023.
construction pictures

 Deer Creek Preserve Background
The property was purchased from Ameren in 1988 and was converted into a mulch processing site for the City's Leaf and Brush program.  The site was named after Mayor Edie Spink who served as Mayor from 1975 - 1995.  After careful study, the leaf mulch program was discontinued in 2017 due to rising costs to manage the program coupled with a resident participation rate of just 11%.  Although mulching was discontinued, the City continues to utilize the site to store yard waste until it can be hauled away for off-site processing.  

In 2019, the City received a planning grant from the Municipal Park Grant Commission to create a master plan vision for the development of a city park at the Edie’s Mulch Site property.  This process included public meetings to allow for the engagement of community members to discuss the future of the site.  The effort was led by the City's consultant, SWT Design, along with members from the BOSTA Committee and City staff.   In September 2019 the Ladue City Council voted to approve the Master Plan which included passive uses such as a shared-use path and landscape restoration.     In 2021, the City applied for construction funding through the Municipal Park construction grant and the concept plan was further as part of that application process.  The link to that plan can be found here:  Deer Creek Preserve - Master Concept Plan: Phase 1 -July 2021
To review to original Concept Plan Click Here!
To review Community Input results, Click Here!

From 2021 - 2023, the property was then heavily impacted by MSD's Deer Creek Sanitary Sewer replacement project that traverses the site.  A multitude of trees and vegetation was stripped from the site.  Fortunately, the City was compensated $309,000 by MSD for the easement rights on the property which the City has utilized for the restoration. 

Living Legacy - Tree Donation Opportunity
The Phase I Improvements have been completed and included initial plant installation of 69 trees. The planting plan for the property includes an additional 43 trees to be planted.  The City established the Living Legacy Program to allow for the donation of trees in recognition or in memory of a person, group, or pet.  For additional information on this program, please see the policy and application linked here:  
Living Legacy Information  

Rodes Park 
Rodes Park is 3-acre park located at the intersection of Warson Road and Ladue Road.  The property consists of open space and landscape areas, including the hundreds of daffodils, planted by members of the Garden Club of St. Louis, that bloom each spring.  Honeysuckle has been cleared from the stream that traverses the property.  There are small seating areas along the creek where visitors can enjoy a quiet moment!

In April 2021, the Ladue City Council approved the Rodes Park Conceptual Master Plan. Due to funding constraints, action has not yet been taken to implement the plan.  To view the adopted Master plan, click on the link below.
Rodes Park Master Plan adopted 4/26/2021

Rodes Park Community Open House presentation #2