Sidewalk and Trail Projects

Dielman Road Sidewalk Improvements
Dielman Road Improvements (80% Federally Funded for ROW & Construction)Construction is underway on Dielman Road and southbound traffic is being detoured via Price Road.  Tree removal and clearing of brush honeysuckle is in progress and storm sewer installation will be the next work item to begin. 
The City applied for Federal Funds for Dielman Road Improvements in February 2019, began design with CMT in April 2020, held the design public meeting in July 2021, acquired easements from the twelve impacted property owners Spring 2022 – Spring 2023, completed the design in Summer 2023, bid the project in October 2023, and awarded the project in January 2024.  An appeal hearing took place in December 2023 of the DBE good faith effort and that appeal was granted in January 2024.  The preconstruction meeting has been held on January 24, 2024 and work is anticipated to begin in February 2024.  Utility relocation work is nearing completion.  The City’s General Contractor is Byrne and Jones Construction.  Construction completion is scheduled for August 2024 with the exception of landscape which has an October 2024 completion deadline.    

Dielman Road is one of two remaining roads identified for sidewalks in the 2012 Sidewalk Implementation Plan. Six-foot-wide sidewalks will be installed on the west side of Dielman between Ladue Road and the northern municipal boundary near Tamarack where the sidewalks will connect to the network installed by the City of Olivette. Improvements to the pavement will also be part of the project as will stormwater improvements, decorative retaining walls and landscaping. The City’s Project Manager is Anne Lamitola, [email protected]
New sidewalk New sidewalk
road construction
Sidewalk Plan Update
Sidewalk PlanThe City of Ladue updated the Sidewalk Plan for the City.  The document can be walkability plan imagefound at the following link and was adopted by City Council in Spring 2023.

  1. Ladue Sidewalk Implementation Plan!
  2. Ladue Walkability Scoring Matrix!
Clayton Road Sidewalk Improvements
Clayton Road ADA SIDEWALK IMPROVEMENTSThe City continues with the implementation phase of the ADA transition plan which identified both sidewalk and facility improvements that need modification to work toward ADA compliance. Clayton Road sidewalk improvements have been the highest priority for the City and the following provides a summary of the multi-phased project to date:

  • Phase I: Business District between I-64 and Conway Road; construction completed Summer 2019 by Spencer Contracting
  • Phase II: Warson to Eversdale; construction completed Spring 2020 by SBC Construction
  • Phase III: Eversdale to Lindbergh; construction completed Spring 2021 by SBC Construction
  • Phases IV; Louwen to McKnight, design in 2021, construction 2022. 
  • Phase V: McKnight to Lay; design began in 2022 and design will be completed in 2024.  Easement acquisition will occur in Calendar Year 2024 and construction will take place in the Calendar Year 2025.  Meetings with impacted property owners along Clayton Road have been taking place in advance of the easement acquisition phase.
  • Phase – VI; Lay to Price Road; design in 2025 and construction in Calendar Year 2026, as funds permit. 
The City’s Project Manager is Anne Lamitola, [email protected]
S. 40 Drive Shared-Use Path Extension
South 40 Drive Shared-use Path Extension:  Transportation Alternative ProgramThe City submitted a Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Federal funding application for the extension of the shared-used path on South 40 Drive that will connect Deer Creek Preserve both to the east to the Trails Ends Subdivision and to the west to the intersection of Clayton and South 40 Drive.  Pedestrian signal improvements at S. 40 Drive/Clayton Road will be incorporated into the project as well.  Applications were due on July 21, 2023 and the City learned this Fall that the application was successful.   The public comment period closed, and the Board of East-West Gateway Council of Governments approved the funding.  Soon, the City will be provided with a funding agreement with MoDOT which will require City Council approval.  Design can begin after October 1, 2024.  The City’s Project Manager is Anne Lamitola, [email protected]

Beautification and Parks Projects

Deer Creek Preserve

Deer Creek Preserve; formerly known as Edie’s Mulch Site
Construction Complete and Trail is Open.  
 The City applied for and obtained a Municipal Park Planning Grant to develop a comprehensive plan for the 12.5-acre site which is currently being utilized as a transfer station for the City’s leaf and mulch program on approximately three acres of the site. Public meetings were held in 2019 along with a community input survey and a Comprehensive plan was adopted by the City Council in September 2019. The comprehensive plan for the property includes a trail and a small parking area as priority amenities. The property is located off S. 40 Drive and is along the Deer Creek corridor. The property was impacted by MSD’s Deer Creek Sanitary relief sewer project from 2020 through the end of Calendar Year 2023. 

The City applied for and was successful in obtaining construction funding through the Municipal League to begin development of the priority amenities. The City entered into an agreement with the Grant Commission in December 2021 and entered into a design contract with SWT for the project design.  The City awarded the construction contract to Ideal Landscaping and work began in August 2023. Work installed includes the ten-foot wide shared-use path, the pedestrian bridge, construction of a new parking area, and landscape installation.   Trees were planted in December 2024 and the City installed deer protection on the trees.  The fence installation has been completed and benches have been installed.    City Parks staff are working on honeysuckle removal along S. 40 Drive, the gate relocation to the new parking lot, and creating a wood chip walking trail on the eastern end of the property. The Ribbon cutting will take place during the City's Arbor Day celebration on April 27, 2024. The City's Project Manager is Anne Lamitola, [email protected]

Stormwater Projects

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