Excavation & Right of Way Permits

Excavation/Rights-of Way Permit Form
City of Ladue
Attn.: Ashley Quinn
9345 Clayton Road 
Ladue, MO 63124

Excavation Permit Requirements
  • Contractor is responsible for contacting Dig Rite prior to starting projects on City right-of-ways. 
  • (Missouri One Call 1-800-344-7483).
  • Prior to beginning excavation, the contractor must notify the Public Works Superintendent at 314-993-5665 regarding the starting date and end date of the excavation. Contractor's must notify adjacent private properties of impact on their property and provide contact information for residents. That notification should list the scope of work being performed and a contact person at the company for resident’s issues.
  • Ladue Municipal Code Sec. 90-283. - Public rights-of-way use regulations.
Permanent Pavement Repairs
  • Restoring and maintaining rights-of-way requirements
  • If a roadway repair is not completed the same day, contractor must install a steel plate overnight with asphalt ramping.
  • Areas included in the excavation [but not in the roadway] must be restored to the original condition.  At minimum, vegetated areas should be restored with seed and straw.
All of the streets and roads delineated on the map are subject to ROW permits when excavation or other work within that area is taking place. Other streets within Ladue are privately maintained by private subdivisions and homeowners associations and would require their private notification and approval. It is the responsibility of the contractor to contact those entities for their approval.