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Brush and Leaf Collection Questions:

When will my brush be collected?
When will my leaves be collected?
What leaf and brush section is my home located in?
How many loads of brush will the City pick-up per household?

The City will collect two truckloads per household per month

Will the City pick up my sweet gum balls?

No, sweet gum balls cannot be processed into mulch and therefore cannot be collected.

Does the City collect yard waste bags?

No, the brush that is collected is placed into stockpiles then processed with machinery into mulch.  Yard waste bags would contaminate the mulch and are prohibited.

Where should I place my brush and leaves?

Along the frontage of your property, no closer than ten feet from property lines.  If your property fronts on a public and a private street, materials must be placed on the private road.  Brush and leaves should not be placed entirely on the pavement as to not block traffic. Within three feet of pavement

What is the largest diameter brush that will be collected by the City?

The City will collect brush and small trees up to 10 inches in diameter, in lengths no longer than 10 feet.

Does the City collect Christmas trees after the Holidays?

The City collects Christmas trees during the month of January.  The trees should be placed curbside.  It is not necessary to call the Public Works Department to request a pick-up as collection will be Citywide as weather permits.

Who should I contact if a tree or large limb falls onto my street?
In the event that a tree or large tree limb falls onto a public or private street and impedes the movement of traffic (ie. emergency vehicles), residents should call the Public Works Department at 314-993-5665 to have the debris removed from the roadway. City Staff will clear debris to make it passable to vehicles and emergency services. If the blockage is on a private street, the owner of the tree is responsible for the clean up of the tree debris once City staff have cleared the road. Limbs and other debris can be hauled away during our regular brush collections. The City does not remove trees or limbs from private properties.

Roadway & Right-of-way Questions:

Who should I call to report potholes or other issues with pavement on public roadways?

Call the Public Works Department at (314) 993-5665 and we will perform a field inspection then address the pothole.

Who should I call to report a downed tree or limb on public roadways?

Call the Public Works Department at (314) 993-5665 during normal working hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm.  To report a problem after hours, please call the City of Ladue Police Dispatch at (314) 993-1214

Will the City collect dead animals on the roadway?

The Public Works Department will collect dead animals on all public roadways only. Residents will have to call a private service or bag the animal and place in the trash for collection on their regular service day if the dead animal is on private property or private lanes. 

Who should I call during a snow storm when the public roadways are still snow-packed?

The Public Works Department will work around the clock to clear the public roadways within Ladue.  If the roadway is not cleared within 24 hours after the end of precipitation, please call (314) 993-5665 to report your concerns.

How do I report a road concern on a MoDOT maintained road such as Lindbergh or a highway ramp?
  • Missouri Department of Transportation
    888 - ASK MODOT (275-6636)
    To report a road concern on a state maintained road, use the link below. State maintained roadways within Ladue include the Interstates I-64/40 & I-170 including their entrance and exit ramps, S. 40 Drive, and Lindbergh Blvd.

Other FAQ's

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How do I submit a complaint or question to the Public Works Department?
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