Stormwater Management Projects

Completed Stormwater Projects

S. Tealbrook Stormwater Infrastructure
Completed in 2020.
Robin Hill/McKnight Lane Streambank Stabilization Improvements
Completed in 2022.
Willow Hill Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements
Completed in 2022.

Current Stormwater Projects

Master Plan Update
The City's Stormwater Master Plan update cycle is currently underway. Storm Water Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. 

Flood Buyouts

General Information
FLOOD BUYOUTSThe City submitted Notice of Interest forms to SEMA (State Emergency Management Association) for flooded properties in Ladue where residents have come forward seeking assistance.  SEMA has provided direction to the City regarding which properties qualify for FMA (Flood Mitigation Assistance) and which qualify for HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program).  Initially, the City moved forward with eight properties said to have qualified for FMA and three which qualify for HMGP funding.  FMA buyouts are funded at a 90% Federal/10% Local cost share for five properties and 100% Federal/0% Local cost for three properties.  HMGP funding is at a 75% Federal/25% Local cost share.   The formal applications for the FMA & HMGP buyouts were submitted to SEMA in December 2022 (FMA) and March 2023 (HMGP).  SEMA submitted the buyout applications to FEMA for their review.  The FMA buyouts have been identified for further review whereas the HMGP buyouts are still being reviewed by FEMA for their initial review.  The City is responding to requests for information for the FMA second round review.  The City will also submit 23 Foxboro as part of the FY2023 FMA program.  Based on the FEMA review for FMA, revisions are required to the application for FY2022 which will require amending the resolutions for the City’s financial share.   These amendments will be presented to City Council in late Fall 2023.   The City will begin to evaluate the future use of the buyout areas with land use restricted to open space.  The City’s project manager is Amanda Griffin; [email protected]
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Flood Buyouts

MSD Stormwater Projects



This MSD project involves the construction of approximately 618 linear feet of 12-inch to 27-inch diameter pipe sewers and appurtenances to help alleviate building and yard flooding along Daniel Road. Wehmeyer Farms Construction was awarded the project.  The contractor’s Notice to Proceed is expected in May 2024. MSD anticipates construction of this project to begin in the Summer of 2024 and last for approximately 8 months. If you have any questions regarding construction, please contact Mark Dietiker, Construction Supervisor, at (314) 768-6380.

Link to the Resident Notification Letter, Distributed by MSD in February 2024

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