Alarm System Permit

Security Alarm Registration For Residents And Businesses 

All residences and businesses that have an installed and operating alarm system are required to register annually and obtain a permit from the City of Ladue.  The permit and fee are also required before new system installations. 

Type Of Alarm/Signal To Register


Alarm alert transmitted directly to the Dispatch Center.  


Alarm company calls the Dispatch Center.     

LOCAL $15 Annual Fee

Alarm alert on premises.


Alarm License

An Alarm License is required for a person or business engaging in the activity of altering, installing, leasing, maintaining, moving, repairing, replacing, selling, servicing, or responding to an alarm system within the City of Ladue.

ALARM LICENSE $75 Annual Fee

Register and Pay Fee 

Alarm System Registration and Permit Form

Mail or Renew In Person: City of Ladue
9345 Clayton Rd.
Ladue, MO 63124
Pay Online:

Email Registration Form:

The details of the City’s alarm permit requirements can be reviewed in Chapter 30 of the City’s Code of Ordinances.

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