Alarm Permit

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of alarm system do I have?
There are 3 types of Alarm Systems on the permit application. You must choose one of the following options: Digital Dialer, Central Station, or Local Alarm. Below is a graphic explaining each alarm type. For additional information about how your system operates, contact the alarm company that installed or maintains your system.

Type of Alarm Systems
How much is an alarm permit?
Alarm permit fee depends on the type of alarm system you have:
For a Central Station (most common) the annual fee is $75.
For a Digital Dialer the annual fee is $75.
For a Local alarm system (rare) the annual fee is $15.
I am having a new Alarm system installed. What do I need to do?
For a new alarm system, follow the steps above to apply and pay for your alarm permit through the City of Ladue. Must complete 

The Alarm Company installing  your system must also be licensed by the City of Ladue. For alarm businesses needing to apply for a Alarm Business License, please click here.

New alarm systems are required to obtain an electrical permit through St. Louis County to ensure the proper installation of all electrical components. Please visit St. Louis County's website for further information
My alarm system has been disconnected and/or removed. What do I need to do?

You must notify City Hall if the alarm system at your property has been disconnected and/or removed. To notify of a disconnection, complete the form below or send an email to: [email protected] with the property address and the date of disconnection. NOTE: If you do not notify us of changes you may continue to be responsible for payment of the Alarm Permit.
How do I notify City Hall that I no longer own a property?

If you are moving out of your alarmed property you will need to notify City Hall that there is a change of ownership. You may notify City Hall by completing the form below or sending an email to [email protected] with the property address and date of sale. We will update our records with this information.
NOTE: If you do not notify us of changes you may continue to be responsible for payment of the Alarm Permit.
How do I obtain an abort code?
Only those installing a NEW digital dialer system will need an abort code. For more information contact the Police Department at 314-993-1214.
My alarm system is managed by Hackett Security c/o the Ladue Police Department and my insurance is requesting an alarm certificate. How do I obtain this certificate?
Please contact the Police non-emergency number 314-993-1214. We will be able to generate a letter to provide to your insurance company.

Alarm Systems
Alarm Permit For Residents And Businesses 

According to Chapter 30 of the City’s Code of Ordinances, all residences and businesses that have an alarm system are required to obtain a permit from the City of Ladue and renew this permit each year by January 2nd. 

Apply and Pay Fee: 

Pay Alarm Permit Online 
To Submit by Mail or In Person -
Complete application and submit with payment to: City of Ladue
Attn: Licensing 
9345 Clayton Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63124

Download form: Alarm System Registration and Permit Form

Need help? Call Finance Department at 314-993-3439 or email at [email protected]

Alarm Disconnection Notice