Vacation Watch
Whether away from home for a weekend or an extended period of time PLEASE notify the Police Department at 314-993-1214 or online request form. While you are away, an Officer will physically check your home.

Subdivision Meetings
To facilitate the sharing of information between the Police Department and the residents an Officer, upon invitation, will attend your subdivision meetings to provide a report of criminal activity in your area. In addition, the Officer will help educate the neighbors to recognize potential criminal activity, suspicious persons, vehicles, and the methods to report it to the Police. The Officer will answer questions on state and local ordinances and address any neighborhood, individual, or community concerns. Call (314) 993-1214 to set this up or email the Chief.

Directed Patrol
When requested, directed patrol will provide increased and specialized patrol of your subdivision to address any special concerns that may require this extra attention. Your district Officer will provide personal surveillance to your residence until the matter is resolved. Please notify us if you need this service.

Security Survey
This service is available to both the residents and businesses in the City of Ladue. Specially trained Detectives will respond to your business or home to give a thorough security assessment and offer suggestions on how to greatly decrease your chances of being a victim.

The surveys will address proper locking devices, lighting, personal security, and the use of alarm systems in your homes and business and how this will make them more secure. Contact the Detective Bureau of the Ladue Police Department for a security survey at (314) 993-1214 or email the Chief.

Station Services

The Ladue Police Department offers free fingerprinting services for anyone living or working within the City. The service is provided twenty-four hours a day and can usually be accomplished in just a few minutes by an Officer in the Police Department lobby. No appointment is necessary.

Child I.D. Kits

The Ladue Police Department has a comprehensive identification kit that parents can use to gather and preserve all the pertinent information on their children, including their fingerprints and a recent photograph. This kit has been specifically designed by law enforcement agencies around the United States to be used in the unfortunate event that your child ever becomes lost or missing. These kits are available to Ladue residents free of charge.


The Ladue Police Department is proud of its Police facility. One way for us to show the public our facility is through the use of guided tours. Small groups, school functions, scout packs, and anyone else that may be driving by is free to contact the Department to set up your tour of the Police building. 

Police Reports

If you have had an occasion to file a Police report with the Ladue Police Department a copy of that report can be obtained for a cost of $6.00. Your report will be reviewed by a member of this Department and upon approval can be released to you.

Crime Prevention Information

The Ladue Police Department has a large selection of crime prevention materials that are available free of charge for anyone who has an interest. Please stop by the Police Department and browse the selection, which is on display in the lobby.

Alarm Monitoring

The Ladue Police Department has taken great pride in its ability to effectively respond to both business and residential alarm signals using equipment already in place at our dispatch center. Your alarm will be monitored twenty-four hours a day by a member of the West Central Dispatch Center with the ability to dispatch Officers to your home or business without delay. Please inquire with your alarm company for further details.

Speed Trailer/Portable Speed Signs

Our portable trailer, available upon Trustee request, has a visual display of a vehicle's speed allowing the drivers to take corrective measures in a non-punitive way. The trailer is equipped with an onboard computer that generates a report on the total number of vehicles passing its location at a given time and their average speed. We have also added two portable speed signs which can be placed on street signs or various poles which provide similar information to that of our portable trailer.

Youth Services
S.R.O. (School Resource Officer)

The Ladue Police Department participates in the School Resource Officer program in conjunction with the Ladue Schoo District, which places a uniformed Ladue Police Officer into the school setting to act as a liaison between the Department and the school on mutual concerns dealing with the safety of the staff and students. These officers are currently assigned to Ladue Horton Watkins High School and the Ladue Middle School.

Safety Talks
Upon request, the School Resource Officer can address your group on topics ranging from law related education issues, scout merit badge programs, Halloween safety, as well as stranger danger presentations. Call the Ladue Police Department to schedule your program.