Boards & Commissions

Boards and Commissions have an important role in Ladue City government. Members are appointed by the City Council upon recommendation of the Mayor. Residents interested in serving on a City Board or Commission may submit a completed Volunteer Interest Form for consideration.

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Architectural Review Board
Meets the First and Third Thursday of the Month.
The Architectural Review Board reviews building applications for conformity to proper architectural standards; for general conformity with style, design, and size of surrounding structures; and that applications support proper architectural development in the City.

Matt Wolfe - Chair Person Fred Goebel
Rob Lochner Diane Porthouse Lochner
Chris Cedergreen - Alternate  

Beautification, Open Space and Tree Advisory Committee (BOSTA) - Meets monthly
The BOSTA Committee was formed in response to an initiative for Ladue to become a Tree City USA. The Committee advises and assists city officials and staff in the development of plans to manage trees and green spaces on city and private property. The Committee also plans city Arbor Day celebrations. 

 Laure Hullverson- Chair Person  Beverly Tucker Knight
 Elliot Dole  Nancy Ylvisaker
 Terry Hoffmann  Sean Seed, Ex-Officio
 Heidi Reed  Anne Lamitola, Ex-Officio
 Pat Steiner  

Board of Fire and Police CommissionersMeets Second Monday of the Month
The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners establish the policies that govern the internal operation and functioning of the Fire and Police Departments, and issue/enforce rules and regulations governing the conduct of the members of the respective departments.

William M. Francis, Jr. - Chair Person John Stupp III
John D.Schaperkotter  Stephen Jones 
Rush James Ed Horn
L. Shepley Hermann  Nancy Spewak, Mayor, Ex-Officio 

Firemen’s and Policemen’s Pension Fund Board of Trustees Meets as Required
Manage the assets of the City’s Firemen’s and Policemen’s Uniform Pension Plan.

Joseph Rechter - Chair Person
Fire Chief Steve Lynn, Fire Department
Bill Francis 
David Kaiser, Fire Department
Chief Ken Andreski, Jr., Police Department
Nancy Spewak, Mayor, Ex-Officio 
Dennis Pohlmann, Police Department

Finance, Revenue, and Taxation CommitteeMeets as Required
The Finance Committee advises the Mayor and Council on all matters of revenue and taxation, and upon the financial condition of the City. The committee makes recommendations on controlling expenses and enhancing revenues.

Mark Merlotti - Chair Person  David Wells
 Lisa Guirl  Joseph Rechter
 Hunter Brown Nancy Spewak, Mayor, Ex-Officio
 Maurice Quiroga  James E. Schiele, Emeritus
David Ryan  

Insurance Committee Meets as Required
The Insurance Committee advises the Mayor and Council on all matters related to the purchase of insurance coverage by the City and proof of insurance coverage that contractors and vendors are required to provide the City. 

Walter Klein III - Chair Person
David Wells
Nancy Spewak, Mayor, Ex-Officio
Patrick Lawton
Scott Kroenung, Director of Finance, Ex-Officio
Jonathan Dehner, M.D., FACR

Public Works Committee First Wednesday, every other month
The Public Works Committee advises the Mayor, Council, and Public Works Director on all matters about the operation of the Public Works Department.

 Mark Ratterman - Chair Person  Brent Suffian
 Clint Williams  Kathleen Riordan
Randy Parham Nancy Spewak, Mayor, Ex-Officio
 Brook Palanca  Anne Lamitola, Ex-Officio
Tim Kaufmann Patrick Hensley, Councilman, Ex-Officio

Retirement Committee Non-Uniformed Employees’ Retirement Fund Meets as Required
Manage the assets of the City’s Non-Uniform Employees’ Pension Plan.

 Joseph Rechter - Chair Person  Ivan White, Public Works Department
 Wesley Jones Scot Bollinger, Public Works Superintendent
Shelly Benson, City of Ladue Administration Nancy Spewak, Mayor, Ex-Officio

Ladue Storm Water Advisory  Committee - Meets as needed
The committee makes recommendations for the development and implementation of the program to the city council.

 Lloyd Palans - Chair Person  Amanda Griffin, Storm Water Eng.
 Michael Kinsella  Denny Welker, Storm Water Eng.
 Mary Ann Rober Nancy Spewak, Mayor, Ex-Officio
 Philip Schwarz  Anne Lamitola, Ex-Officio
Scott Solsvig William Brennan, Councilman, Ex-Officio

Zoning Board of AdjustmentMeets on First Tuesday of the Month
The Zoning Board of Adjustment considers appeals to decisions for building permits which are denied because of non-compliance with the City’s Zoning Ordinance or Building Code.

Liza Forshaw - Chair Person
Dan Welsh
David Schlafly
Lee Rottmann, Alternate
Laura Gerdes Long
Kristen Holton, Alternate
Elizabeth Panke
Jon Dalton, Alternate

Zoning and Planning Commission Meets on Fourth Wednesday of the Month
The Zoning and Planning Commission recommends to the Mayor and Council those regulations that will best follow the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and preserve the City’s land and building development.

McPherson D. Moore - Chair Person  John Lochhead
Thomas Kahn Robbye Toft
Timothy Crowley Margaret L. Holtman
Susan Gausnell