Ladue Youth Council

Mission Statement

To connect Ladue’s youth to the arm of local government, promote communication with elected officials, further understanding of local issues, and create initiatives to enhance our involvement and sense of community.

The Ladue Youth Council was established in 2018 under the direction of Mayor Spewak and the City Council. 
Consisting of high school students residing in Ladue who are presently studying in grades 9-12, this council aims to involve the youth in the city's decision-making process. Its objective is to offer Ladue's young residents a platform to influence the City Council by providing recommendations on youth-related matters, advocating for current initiatives, and fostering the creation of new programs, projects, and activities tailored to the youth in Ladue. Mayor Spewak and the Council desire to empower young individuals to become impactful leaders and contribute to shaping the future of Ladue.

The Ladue Youth Council meets quarterly, or as needed. 
For more information, please contact Stacey Mann at [email protected]

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Past Projects & Initiatives
In addition to participating in Ladue Community Events, such as Arbor Day, Trash Bash, and Halloween at the Fire House, the Youth Council also coordinates one or more service projects per year. Look below for some of their most recent initiatives:

2024 Coat Drive
2023 Blood Drive

Blood Drive