Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration Stacey Mann City Clerk [email protected] (314) 993-3439
Police Kenneth Andreski, Jr. Police Chief [email protected] (314) 993-1214
Fire Steven Lynn Fire Chief [email protected] (314) 993-0181
Public Works Anne Lamitola Director of Public Works [email protected] (314) 993-5665
Building Paul Garlock Building Official [email protected] (314) 997-6308
Public Works Scot Bollinger Public Works Superintendent [email protected] (314) 993-5665
Finance Shelly Benson Accounts Payable/H.R. Specialist [email protected] (314) 993-3439
Finance Melissa Barklage Accounts Receivable [email protected] (314) 993-3439
Administration Lori Mullins Deputy City Clerk/ Asst. to Prosecuting Attorney [email protected] (314) 993-3439
Municipal Court Elizabeth Weimar Municipal Court Administrator [email protected] (314) 993-3439
Building Andrea Sukanek City Planner [email protected] (314) 997-6308
Building Stephanie Davenport Building Department Coordinator [email protected] (314) 997-6308
Public Works & Building Ashley Quinn Public Works & Building Department Specialist [email protected] (314) 997-6308
Public Works Amanda Griffin Stormwater Engineering Manager [email protected] (314) 993-5665
Building Jerry Skubic Code Enforcement Officer [email protected] (314) 997-6308
Public Works Denny Welker Stormwater Engineer [email protected] (314) 993-5665
Public Works Henry Wayne Parks Crew Leader [email protected] (314) 993-5665
Public Works Ivan White Mechanic [email protected] (314) 993-5665
Public Works Craig Schwalbert Laborer Crew Leader [email protected] (314) 993-5665